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20 June 2007 @ 06:21 pm
Tamyra Gray is just a Click Away  
So naturally, being in New England, it is very easy to go to Broadway for a quick getaway and catch a RENT performance. And now Tamyra Gray is the new Mimi on Broadway! In a week long celebration on the new site Voices for RENT, Tamyra Gray posted a video addressing all the members of Voices for RENT which you can now watch here: Tamyra Gray Adresses VoicesforRENT.com Members!

Be sure to also check out Voices for RENT, where you can get RENT news to your hearts desire, talk with fellow RENT fanatics in New England and all around the world, and even earn minutes to cash in for RENT merchandise or even backstage passes and tickets! Just click on the banner and check it out.