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rent_newengland's Journal

For New England Rentheads
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Welcome to Rent New England, a community for New England Rentheads!!!

This is a place for local Rentheads to meet, make new friends, plans to see the show when it comes to town, etc. You can also discuss the show, the movie, the Original Broadway Cast Recording, organizing Renthead get togethers, whatever!

Tell us about yourself! You don't have to fill this out if you don't want, but it will help us get to know you better:

What part of New England are you from:
Why you like RENT:
Favorite RENT character:
Favorite RENT cast member:
Favorite RENT song/lyric:
Ever seen RENT live? How many times?
Ever see the movie? How many times?
Any other info?

I would like to see people respect one another here. "Respect" means to take into consideration other people's feelings. Please keep insults and stuff of that nature out of this community. Any violating posts or comments will be deleted and their authors will be banned from the community.